To say that James is guilty of child abuse is tragically ironic. Everyone who knows James understands him to be a gentle and caring father.  His time spent with Devin was always patient and playful.  James would never have purposely injured his son.

​  On Devin's birthday James had oversight of his son for just 20 minutes before he showed signs of distress.  Moreover James was not alone since his mother and stepfather were present.  They all testified that there was no accidental fall.

  However, during the weeks that followed it became apparent the Social Services has just one paradigm for dealing with injured children; to find someone guilty of child abuse. With Devin's mother and family trying to play down the falls and injuries during their care, and an ambitious prosecutor more interested in a conviction than justice, James ended up being wrongfully convicted.  

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​​​​​​  On November 17, 2014, amidst a startled and heartbroken group of supporters, James Higbee was wrongfully convicted of child abuse and sentenced to life in prison...

  Now, two years later, hundreds of supporters continue this effort by sending cards and letters, visiting prison and raising money in order to fund a legal path to freedom...

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  Upon learning of this injustice, scores of court watchers joined together committing themselves

to right this wrong and secure for James exoneration and freedom...