​​ The week of September 27, 2011 was an eventful one; initially filled with joy the week soon turned to sorry and accusation.  James Higbee's son, Devin, was about to turn one.  His mother and her family took him to Solvang for a pre-birthday celebration where Devin was left in his stroller unstrapped only to fall and hit his head.  Two days later, on his birthday, his mother and famiy took Devin to Disneyland where he sustained a second head injury.

After Disneyland Devin was dropped off with his father, James, where an evening celebration was planned.  However just minutes after arriving Devin experienced a stroke. Paramedics rushed him to a nearby hospital where he was  diagnosed with a brain injury.

  Social services arrived, accusations were made and James was arrested.  This despite Devin’s family admitting to numerous falls during the hours leading up to his stroke.  The event is tragic for both Devin and James who is now incarcerated having been wrongly convicted of child abuse.  

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   Upon learning of this injustice, scores of court watchers joined together committing themselves to right this wrong and secure for James exoneration and freedom...

  Now, two years later, hundreds of supporters continue this effort by sending cards and letters, visiting prison and raising money in order to fund a legal path to freedom...

​​​​​​   On November 17, 2014, amidst a startled and heartbroken group of supporters, James Higbee was wrongfully convicted of child abuse and sentenced to life in prison...